Our Initiatives

We exist to bring the creative work of kids alive through 100% locally printed apparel that adults are proud to wear and promote. Our work connects young artists through the entire production process, creating meaningful partnerships between community-based art education with fashion and brand experts, brand and marketing experts, retail and independent business. Rainbow Pony is committed to supporting kids and their wild imaginations, allocating 10% of all revenue directly to organizations focused on kids and art.

Childrens Cottage Society and Rainbow Pony Clothing

Children's Cottage Society

Our first collection is partnered with the the Children's Cottage Society, particularly their Family Resource Network Program. Located in Bowness, and on the verge of expanding with a new facility, the Family Resource Network is committed to fostering healthy families, and supporting communities through resources and programs. 10% of our proceeds from our first collection will go towards providing art kits for their arts and crafts program. We are excited about providing and giving access to additional resources to help their kids develop art skills.